Dear Domino Veterinary Hospital Clients and Patients:

It is with a combination of joy and sadness that Stina and I write this letter to you, our amazing pet parents. As you know, we have sold the Domino Veterinary Hospital this last Thursday and wanted to tell you a little bit more about the current transaction.

We decided to sell to a private veterinary group and are so excited to welcome 2 very fine local doctors: Dr. Jennifer Schickler and Dr. Catherine Cole. They are very experienced and caring senior veterinarians, and I highly recommend them and their great team; they will be great providers for your pets. It is very comforting to know that Domino VH will still be locally owned by private veterinarians providing that special personal touch that we cherish. They will combine the significant resources of Arlington Animal Clinic with this practice. This means continued personalized pet service and improvements in doctor availability, product choices, and upgrades in medical imaging and lab testing.

Before we answer some lingering questions, we really wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our current and past clients. When Stina and I started this project in November of 2012, we did not know the future, but we knew that we wanted to serve our community with caring and compassionate pet care. We wanted to build relationships and provide most medical and veterinary services in-house. When we first visited this building with John Flynn, we knew right away that this would be our new home. So, the first thank you goes to John and all the work that you did in the construction of the clinic and the daily promotion of our little baby business! We thank my daughter Kelsey and local architect Marshall McLean, who designed this wonderful clinic which we pass on with so much potential.

We would also like to thank all of the “early adopters” who first believed in Stina and I. We remember all the puppies from those early days, and they are now almost senior dogs! Also, a huge thank you to all of my hockey buddies from the AMHL who brought their pets here. Then we followed with all the wonderful pets that we saw over the years. We wanted to also thank Dr. Astrid Kruse, who brought excellence of practice and a love of exotic pets that enriched our experience.

Thanks also to my wonderful staff over the years. You built this place! Many are still here. You will still find Jackie, Sonia, Sarah, Katie, Jacquelyn, and Emma here. Our new care family is growing, and you will see new faces, including Dr. Kelly Chamberlain, Shaunna, and Dan. Dr. Hailey Miller, who has worked with me these last 6 months, remains, and many of you know how excellent she is! Dr. Miller will be available to answer any questions related to recent cases and transfer of care.

We look forward to our retirement and I will not be seeing any pet appointments but will be here for a while to answer your questions. Stina and I will remain in the area and we continue to reside in Carlisle. Another question that came up is what happened to our daughter, Dr. Paula? She now is a clinical instructor at the University of Montreal and she loves working in her first love which is equine medicine down on the farm. Many thanks to Paula who helped me so much in making all those trips from Canada and providing excellent veterinary services while giving me time off!

West Concord Animal Clinic will be a great place that will certainly improve our services and you will love Drs. Cole and Schickler, and their entire team. We thank you so very much and wish you all the best!

Yours Truly,
Charles and Stina Bradley