Hypothyroidism occurs when a dog’s thyroid gland is unable to produce sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone. It is the most frequently diagnosed hormonal disorder in both male and female dogs and is more commonly seen in large breed dogs.



A comprehensive thyroid panel is generally necessary to diagnose hypothyroidism in dogs as dogs with concurrent illness can have low-to-low normal thyroid hormone levels. Hypothyroidism can also present in a similar way to other hormonal disorders, such as Cushing’s disease, so your veterinarian will also likely recommend:


Treatment consists of replacing your dog’s insufficient levels of thyroid hormone. It is important to note that dogs have a significantly higher dose requirement for thyroid hormone supplementation than humans. If you choose to have your dog’s prescription for thyroid medication filled at a human pharmacy, please call to confirm that they have the necessary dose in stock and that no adjustments have been made to the dose without your veterinarian’s approval.