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About West Concord Animal Clinic

At West Concord Animal Clinic, we're proud to be a locally owned and operated veterinary practice, deeply rooted in the Concord and Carlisle communities. Our owners, Dr. Jennifer Schickler and Dr. Catherine Cole, bring over three decades of combined experience to our practice. Their journey in veterinary care began with their shared passion for nurturing the human-animal bond. In 2006, they embarked on their ownership of West Concord Animal Clinic, where they honed their skills and developed a deep commitment to personalized pet care.

Driven by their dedication to fostering a healthy work environment, promoting teamwork, and prioritizing patient well-being, they expanded their horizons to establish Arlington Animal Clinic as a trusted sister clinic to Arlington. Here, they continue their mission of providing individualized, attentive care for every furry friend that walks through their doors.
Outside of their practice, Drs. Schickler and Cole are active members of the Concord and Carlisle communities. They embrace the opportunity to give back to their community by delivering tailored care that reflects the unique needs of each pet and their family.

Our Mission:

At West Concord Animal Clinic, our mission is to help pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives through compassionate care, client education, and fostering the human-animal bond built on trust, respect, and love. We understand the unique bond between humans and animals and strive to enrich this connection through dedicated service.

Our Commitment to You:

At West Concord Animal Clinic, we pledge to provide compassionate and personalized care for your beloved pets. This commitment is characterized by transparent communication, tailored treatment plans, and a dedication to staying current with advancements in veterinary medicine. Ensuring longer appointment times, we prioritize thorough care and attention, so you and your pet never feel rushed during your visit. With a focus on community engagement, we strive to build lasting relationships with both our clients and the community we serve.

Core Values:

Dedication: We're deeply committed to the well-being of every pet, ensuring their journey to optimal health is guided with unwavering dedication and compassion.
Teamwork: Pet parents are integral members of the care team, fostering collaboration.
Compassion: Every individual is treated with dignity and respect, like family.
Integrity: Transparent and fair in every aspect of our practice, ensuring informed consent.
Inclusion: Embracing diversity within our team and community.

What Sets Us Apart:

We prioritize the well-being of our patients, employing low-stress handling techniques and completing the RECOVER program to ensure a calm and comfortable experience for pets and their owners alike.

Compassionate Care:

At Arlington Animal Clinic, we stand out for our commitment to compassionate care and excellence in veterinary medicine. Our team fosters meaningful connections with our clients, ensuring personalized attention and support at every visit. Transparency and accessibility are our priorities; we provide clear communication about treatment plans, outlining costs and recommended care tailored to your pet's needs. For those seeking proactive pet care, we also offer comprehensive wellness plans designed to meet each pet's unique health requirements.

Excellence in Medicine:

At Arlington Animal Clinic, we lead with excellence in veterinary care. From preventive health to specialized treatments like acupuncture, our dedicated team ensures the highest standard of care for your pet. With a focus on early disease detection and proactive wellness, we promote the health and happiness of pets in our community.

Thank you for choosing Arlington Animal Clinic for your pet's care. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and providing your furry friend with the exceptional care they deserve.

A Stress-Free Haven

At Arlington Animal Clinic, we prioritize creating a tranquil sanctuary for pets and their owners. Our commitment to low-stress handling and Cat Friendly Certification ensures a calming experience for all.
Low-Stress Handling
We prioritize gentle techniques for your pet's comfort.
Cat-Friendly Certified Professionals
We understand and meet the unique needs of our feline patients.
Welcoming Atmosphere
We open our arms to pets of all kinds, ensuring every visit feels like home.
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Treat your dog to our professional grooming services, tailored to meet their specific requirements. Basic bath and nail care to full-service grooming sessions that include…
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Gain peace of mind with our extensive diagnostic capabilities. We have the ability to run a wide array of tests in-house and collaborate with several…
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Dental Care
Keep your pet's smile shining bright with our gentle and thorough dental care. Our team takes pride in promoting healthy teeth and gums, ensuring your…
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We understand that the thought of your pet undergoing any surgical procedure can be worrying. That's why our skilled veterinarians perform surgeries with a caring…
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Exotic Care
Celebrate the unique companionship of your exotic pets with specialized care tailored to their needs. From sweet small mammals to slithery reptiles, our caring team…
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Veterinary Pharmacy
Access essential medications and supplements with ease through our veterinary pharmacy. Our knowledgeable team provides guidance and support to ensure your pet receives the best…
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Laser Therapy
Discover the benefits of accelerated healing through our soothing laser therapy sessions, available for pets of all sizes. Utilizing advanced technology, our gentle treatments harness…
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Health Certificates
Prepare your pet for new adventures with our health certification services. From travel to relocation, our thorough examinations and certifications ensure a smooth and stress-free…
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Caring Professionals

Meet our caring veterinarians and team

At West Concord Animal Clinic, our dedicated team of veterinarians and support staff are passionate about providing the highest quality care for your pets. With a deep love for animals and a commitment to their well-being, our compassionate professionals work together to ensure every visit is comfortable and stress-free. Get to know the friendly faces who are here to support you and your furry companions.
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