Carolyn Woodward, a dedicated Practice Manager, merges her passion for animals with her expertise in business management. With a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Bridgewater State University, Carolyn brings a unique blend of skills to her role. Her goal during each patient visit is to ensure the animals leave happy and healthy while providing clients with the utmost satisfaction and information about their pet’s care.

Driven by empathy and kindness, Carolyn believes that gestures of compassion can have a significant impact on others. At home, Carolyn shares her life with her husband, Thomas, and their son, Vincenzo. Their family is completed by their cherished pets: dogs Kaizer, Apollo, and Ada, as well as two feline companions, Moe and George, acquired during her tenure at veterinary clinics. These pets are integral members of the family, bringing joy and companionship to their everyday lives.