Dr. Hailey A. Miller, DVM, embarked on her journey in veterinary medicine driven by a childhood experience that left a lasting impression. Witnessing her dog’s recovery after a traumatic accident, she was inspired by the veterinarian’s compassionate care and dedication. This encounter ignited her passion for becoming a veterinary professional, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Pre-veterinary Science at UMass Amherst and later earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University.

With each patient visit, Dr. Miller’s goal is to create a welcoming environment where pet owners feel valued and empowered. She prioritizes open communication, ensuring that every concern is heard and addressed collaboratively. Her compassionate approach extends beyond the animals to the families who love them, reflecting her belief that veterinary care encompasses not only treating animals but also supporting their caregivers.

Outside of her veterinary practice, Dr. Miller finds fulfillment in spending time with her fianc√©, Robert, and their beloved pets. Toast and Cheese, two cats, Jasper the rabbit, and Mr. Snake play integral roles in her life, providing comfort and joy after long days of work. Dr. Miller’s interests outside the office, range from spending time outdoors to curling up with a good book or cozy video games.

Professional Interests: Soft Tissue Surgery, Ophthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging